KDE PIM (Personal Information Manager) is the set of apps that helps you keep on top of emails, appointments, contacts, trips and more. There have been a lot of new features and improvements in all the apps in the last few months. Check out what's new:

@kde Absolute delight - happy user of KDE's PIM suite for many years at this point - sure, there's odd rough edges and stuff, but having tried others, there is just... nothing that works as well :)

@kde Akonadi crashes constantly for me and it makes the whole thing and all the apps that use it quite unusable for me. Is there any particular Matrix room I can join to have someone debug it with me so I can create a proper bug report for it?

@bart @kde would be the place but I wonder if your bugs aren't caused by incompatibilities with musl. Do you have backtraces with full debug symbols?

@carl @kde Oh I'm pretty damn sure it's an incompatibility with Musl, which is why I want to properly debug it before making issues about it. I have debug symbols for Akonadi, but so far DrKonqi reports the backtraces are completely useless. I'll join then

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