The team have managed to make KDE's full-featured video editor work on macOS. There is now a nightly version of Kdenlive you can test:

Be advised that Kdenlive for Mac is beta software and not recommended for production.

@kde it's all about the HW acceleration in the and

@albi @kde which is gonna be an interesting challenge, given that mac

@kde great ! This will increase the user base and make Kdenlive really cross-platform again.

I'm on Windows, but I was annoyed 2 months ago to not be able to install on Mac.
(Actually I had brew and installing macports at the same time was not recommended). And I didn't know if it will be compatible with .kdenlive created on Windows with the latest version. (actually, I did not a lot of research and tries because I didn't have a lot of time at this moment).

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