KDE is turning 25 years old soon. What is one thing you appreciate about KDE? Tell us in the comments!

@kde The way when I right click on a desktop item, the context menu appears on the wrong monitor, the one to the left of me. :blobthumbsup:

@kde #KDE allows everyone to tailor and make the desktop experience their own, without coming in the way.

@kde It does what it's supposed to do, and not much more. That's what I like.
Some annoying bugs sometimes, but nobody's perfect.

@kde it's been nice to see KDE grow but remain relatively consistent over the 17 years i've dabbled with it. cool that it was accessible enough for a (weird) kid to use

@kde the amount of stuff you can customize no activation required

@kde its Kool

For real though i love the customization so much.

@kde One thing that I appreciate in KDE is full support for USBGuard

@kde -
I first tried KDE 3.0 in 2003. Although, I mainly use i3 nowadays, anytime I tried KDE (no matter of version), I was always fascinated by its consistency and gradual improvements without ruining the user experience.
Though I must say (KDE Plasma) being so tangled up with Wayland is something that I really do not appreciate.
It removes the portability to OSes without Wayland support like OpenBSD.

Respect for my privacy, a matter of increasing importance, year by year.

Also: so much user choice!

@kde community, features and respect for the users

@kde I love KDE because it doesn't try to gloss over the features and hide away anything that doesn't fit the pattern that one group thinks is the One True Path. I like that I can make it work the way I work.

It never disappointed me but surprised me often.

@kde I really appreciate kdenlive! We made our whole film and trailer in it and are planning to use the latest version for our next film.

@kde I really love this effort for making such a great desktop and user experience! Keep it going! I love it :)

@kde i like that it's windows-y enough that my parents were able to start using it with little to no learning curve

@agafnd @kde thank Microsoft. They've been getting KDE'ish in the looks department. Imo.

@kde I appreciate the flexibility you give me to set up my devices the way I want rather than dictating how I should use them.

The ability to control almost anything through the commandline

KDE connect, Kate and Dolphin. They are jewels of FLOSS.


The overall level of polish and the high degree of customization the DE allows for.

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