Claudio has been working on building up features and refining the design of Kalendar, a modern calendaring and task management software that works both on the Plasma desktop and Plasma Mobile.

Could you please add image descriptions to your images?
In the Mastodon web interface you can do that by clicking to 'edit' your image.

This is so that users who have to use a screenreader can also know what it is that your images shows.
And not only blind users have profit of it. It can also provide usefull information for authistic people.
And there are even more users have have profit of an image description.
People who don't have much data available or have a slow internet connection might not want to load images or are not able to, so they need a description.
The same goes for people who use a terminal client, like I am currently using.

I would be very pleased if you could start to caption your images.
There is also a mastodon group of people that can help providing image descriptions.
(I don't know exactly what it was anymore, but I can search for it tomorrow)


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