Google Summer of Code (or , for short) provides free software communities and students a great opportunity to work together on enhancing and improving projects and learning about coding and working on a project in the process.

What follows are some of the tasks carried out by KDE students during GSoC 2021 with links to their progress reports:

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Lucas has worked on one of the more glaring absences in KDE's end user software: the lack of support for KDE Connect on iOS.

Suraj has improved KDE's personal financial management software, KMyMoney, as well as Alkimia, the backend most of KDE's finance software uses.

Valentin is working on Deep Sky Object catalogs for KStars and increased the stability and documentation of KDE's astronomy software.

Swapnil has been busy implementing Android integration for Kasts, KDE's convergent podcast software, as well as adding chapter markers.

@kde Nice. Unfortunately the website doesn’t seem to load for me :(

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