@kde Interesting, that could be a good replacement for my Cosmo Communicator.

@cos @kde Especially since the stuff from Planet Computers doesn't run a mainline kernel...

@phel @kde that and the build quality being poor and software being buggy. Mine is barely working. I hope the keyboard will be available before my Cosmo breaks completely.

@cos @kde I've only used the Gemini a bit and I was rather disappointed by their Linux support as well as the overall build quality. To think that I was hoping for it to replace my laptop somewhat! Hah!

@phel @kde Gemini suffered from poor quality and support, and same happened with Cosmo. I'm not buying Astro Slide unless it's reported to be better quality. Let's hope the PineKeyboard will be better quality.

@kde@mastodon.technology if only this had a thinkpoint nub, that would be heavenly, but having this at all is good.

@kde Plasma Mobile really needs it's applications to be fixed for landscape use. If you rotate the phone into landscape with plasma mobile, not only does the pull-down drawer bug out, but all of it's apps do too and you can't use them.

@kde I recently ordered a PinePhone, and now I'm looking forward to getting a physical keyboard too!

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