KDE Plasma powers the desktop of the Valve .

Congrats Valve for releasing ! Thank you for choosing Plasma!

@Claire ça tourne sur archlinux je crois en plus, tout pour plaire

Non, le site dit clairement que c'est arch linux. Probablement un changement dans SteamOS v3.0
@Nausicaa @Claire

@melunaka @Nausicaa @Claire Non, c'est une base Arch cette fois. C'est ce qui est indiqué dans les spécifications sur le site de la machine.

@kde gotta say this is a post I did not expect to ever see, and it's kinda neat :D

@kde Pretty awesome to see a device like this from a major player in the gaming space.

Looks like they might be putting more focus into Proton playing nicely with anti-cheat too. Regardless of how you feel about it, that's a pretty big deal for #Linux and KDE Plasma!

Valve lanza #SteamDeck, una consola portátil con el escritorio Plasma de @kde .

@kde I'm so excited and I don't even need a gaming PC :ameowbongo:

@kde i noticed that in the trailer because of the settings icon lol

@kde KDE! :blobhearttrans:

It’s an oddly big victory to have valve switch to KDE for their gaming device.

@kde I hope they develop their own nice theme for plasma.

@kde open source supporting the revival of portable platforms

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