Coming up at : Jeri Ellsworth, maker extraordinaire, self-taught chip designer, and builder of Augmented Reality systems for tabletop games will be telling us about her "Journey from Farm Girl to Holograms". Watch it live in 20 minutes:

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@kde Hi there! I'm a #blind #screenreader user.
Have you considered adding descriptions to your images? It can be helpful not just for #VI people like me but also for #autistic folks who sometimes find the context helpful, and for anyone with a low bandwidth connection or strict dataplan who doesn't want to load the images.
Some instances offer automatic #OCR which can help grab any text in your image, though proofreading is still important. You can also follow @PleaseCaption to be reminded when ever you post an image without captioning it.
And don't worry, a highly detailed description or fancy writing, while always nice, is definitely not required. Something is nearly always better than nothing when it comes to alt text.
Thank you for reading. :)

@Superfreq @PleaseCaption


Absolutely will do in the future. Our apologies.

For the record, the photo in the prior post shows Jeri, a lady with red hair and wearing a T-shirt, holding one of her inventions: a retro-looking game console, with an embedded hi-res 5 inch screen.

@kde Awesome! It's much appreciated, and thank you for the description for that image as well. :)

@Superfreq @kde @PleaseCaption I try to do it as often as I can but nevertheless I could do more. Thank you to remember it to us

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