Kontact (KDE's suite of apps for email, address books, notes, and calendars) gets better Autocrypt support, KMail gets an *experimental* mobile version, and the whole suite gets many bugfixes and improvements. Read all about it here:

@kde for the love of god, I don't care about new features

just fix kontact and its components, PLEASE

@fristi @kde

It literally says "the whole suite gets many bugfixes and improvements".

mobile version - nice!
Looking forward to test it on pinephone.

The photo of the mobile version... doesn't look particularly mobile. Are there any screenshots anywhere of what it looks like at a mobile resolution?

@Blort The mobile version is in very, very early stages of development (i.e.: The answer is "no, not yet").


Can Kontact sync with gmail (app password) again?

When I went to use it, this was broken and I haven't tried since - maybe now is the time!

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