Kdenlive, KDE's advanced video editor, comes with so many new features, that there are too many to list here. But here's a small sample:

* check out the Speech-to-text functionality, for generating subtitles automatically

* effect zones that let you apply effects to only parts of a clip

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* a dock that allows you to import videos from online resources directly into your project

* the typewriter and strobe effects, for more dramatic story-telling

* zoombars to help you zoom in easier to sections of the timeline

* and, behind the scenes, developers are preparing Kdenlive for Qt6 and MLT7.

Want to unleash your inner David Lynch? Kdenlive is the video editor for that.


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Been using #kdenlive for years, all my videos (180+) were made with this absolutely amazing free software! Great to see those great improvements, many of my projects just became possible!

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