βš™ is out πŸŽ‰! And comes with cool new features, improved usability and bugfixes galore for tonnes of KDE applications, utilities and other software. Find out all that's new at:

Kate, KDE's Advanced Text Editor, for example, gets touchscreen support; displays TODOs, and lets you perform git operations from within the app. Also, new website!

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Kdenlive, KDE's video editing software πŸŽ₯, gets a new AI automatic subtitling tool!

Kontact makes encrypting emails and protecting your privacy πŸ” even easier...

... and much, much more!

@kde where can we find details about the "AI automatic subtitling" in Kdenlive? Does it happen locally or is data sent elsewhere?

@kde Cool cool cool!
Announcing these changes is valuable community work, so I'm glad you're doing it!

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