The rumors are true! We're happy to confirm that our favorite Free Software-loving dragons are getting an animated series! This summer, get ready to discover the secrets of FLOSS Forest with "Katie & Konqi: Bug Hunters". Only on Netflix!

@kde I know this is a joke but i honestly wish it would be true xD

@kde Although entirely not funny, you took at least the chance to make some advertising for some of the big clubs. Must be the FLOSS philosophy...

@kde where is the crowdfunding to make this a reality? at least one short video! 😺

of course it has do be made with free software and released under a free license


@davidak @kde

Ahah! To be fair, this could easily be done. In our last crowdfunding report, we explain that our main mistake was to take a project too big for us and that our next project will have to be simpler (simpler style, like here, simpler animation, etc.). Such fun project could fit the bill. 😆

By the way, have you seen the variant which @kdecommunity shared? 😉
Anyway very fun joke!

@kde "Only on Netflix" sounds way too unKDEized.
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