NeoChat, KDE's native Matrix chat client, is out and comes with a new login page that detects the server configuration from your ID, stickers, message editing, and much more. Check out all that's new at

Is encryption supported yet? Can't find information about that...

@lerothas It is not no, but @carl is working on adding support for it in the Matrix library they're using (libQuotient) so work for it is being done!

@kde This is almost certainly an issue on my end, having just version-bumped the :gentoo: ebuild locally to give this a go for the first time, but I guess I'm missing a font (?) dependency and the hamburger menu/back icons are just... not icons. That or I've just happened to hit the perfectly wrong colours (it's just Breeze Dark).

I'll play with it as best I can, here, either way, and thanks for everything! ❤️

@kde Figured it out! Looks like there's a hard dependency on the Oxygen icon set, which I didn't have installed. Is that expected / any plans to follow the system icon theme, I guess?

@kithop @kde Ok this is weird. Do you have breeze icons installed? If not this might be the problem.

@carl @kde Yeah, and my system was using the matching Breeze Dark icon set as part of the entire theme package.
(on Gentoo it's kde-frameworks/breeze-icons, which I had, and other KDE Plasma stuff works fine)

I just tried firing up neochat from Konsole to grab its output and saw as the first line:

$ neochat
Icon theme "oxygen" not found.

So I emerged kde-frameworks/oxygen-icons, relaunched, that error disappeared and NeoChat loads with said Oxygen icons.

@carl @kde Seems to be ignoring the system icon set, but this could be a Gentoo-ism or weird thing about my particular system, for sure.

@kithop @kde Does `~/.config/kdeglobals` tell you that you are using the Breeze or Oxygen icon theme?

@carl @kde
~/.config/kdeglobals says:


grep -iF 'oxygen' ~/.config/kdeglobals
gives me no hits.

@kithop @kde This is odd, this is very probably not a problem in NeoChat since System Settings seems affected by it too. I took a look at the last few commits in breeze-icons and I don't see anything that could have broke it :(

@carl @kde Yup - just having the 'wrong' icons is not a big deal and I'm 100% prepared to blame my Frankenstein's monster of a system here. A fresh format + starting over would probably fix this, who knows, but I can totally live with it.

Just thought it was interesting behaviour. :) Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

@carl Not sure if you're potentially morbidly interested, here, but I figured out what the heck was wrong with my environment.

Blame qt5ct, basically. That was getting pulled into /etc/profile ('QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME') and a very very old config there was calling for Oxygen.

...and it was causing me all sorts of grief with other KDE Plasma things, so now that *that*'s gone, things work a lot more as expected. ;)

So yeah, silly per-system thing, but if you ever hear it come up..
Thanks again!

This is mega cool, can't wait for encryption support to finally move away from electron to a kde native application!

Big kudos to the development team!

@kde Nice, thanks!
Currently, autodetection of homeserver from a delegated root domain does not seem to be happening, is this expected at this time?

@michael With the latest NeoChat .well-known is supported and should work fine, it does for me and others anyway.

@kde Very nice, I must say that this is the non-browser based matrix client. Now if it supported fast switching between channels like Element does via Ctrl+k & enter the channel name and would highlight channels with muted notifications but unread messages, I'd probably never use Element again.

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