Plasma 5.21 is out and it is the prettiest thing ever. Check out the new wallpaper, the easy-to-use application launcher, the brand new system monitor, and dozens of other improvements that make 5.21 the ideal desktop for you.

@kde Looks really really nice! Thanks a lot for this update.

@kde Absolutely looking forward to it! Kudos to all the people who have contributed. :blobpats:

It would be great if some experienced Plasma developer could help getting Plasma into #guix. The packages are already done, but some bits and pieces seem to be missing.


I just update plasma 5.21 in Arch. Congratulations for this nice work !!

@kde Big thanks for the update! One thing bugging me is that you've moved the "Clear history" notifications button inside of a hamburger bar, making it twice as hard to get to. I wish you'd move it back, because I really liked where the button was before- on top of the notifications bar. Just a humble wish from a faithful user 👼

@kde Actually, disregard my last comment! I just noticed that you can right-click to "Clear history", which is faster than clicking Notifications and then click "Clear history". I approve 😄👍

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