ZB652 is the first winner of our competition ( Magnolia is a beautiful theme that uses classical Chinese artwork as a wallpaper and an adapted color scheme. Find out more at:

@kde The red, the green, and the low contrast would not be my cup of tea.

I also have not yet fully understood why window title bars were a bad thing. Each window looks nice on it's own, but now let's also start e.g. gedit (or any gtk app with csd), and also firefox, and then let's review how nice and coherent _that_ looks. I also have no idea how to close, move or minimize a window? Or is that an anti-feature for "window managers" nowadays?

Bravo to the creator of Magnolia! I would not use a theme like that, but I enjoy the very artistic screenshot and care to the detail. I would never guess Plasma D.E. could be that flexible for theming. 👏

@kde Looks really nice and coherent. ZB652 does some really nice work.

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