More Kristmas fun: This is a picture of one of LabPlot's developer's desks. There are 12 KDE-related things in this picture. Can you find them all?

The Solution of our Christmas quiz:

- Plasma desktop
- KDevelop (KDE's IDE)
- Konsole (KDE terminal emulator)
- Dolphin (KDE file manager)
- Kate (KDE text editor)
- Qt Designer - used in the development, The Qt Company is a KDE patron
- LabPlot's source code
- KDE's sticker on the monitor's foot
- Suse's Geeko - SUSE is a KDE patron
- Pen with the insignia "Google Summer of Code 2014" - KDE participates in GSoC every year+ Google is a KDE Patron

Show thread

- Paul Brown - a member of the KDE promotion team - the name is visible in the window title of Firefox
- Ivan Čukić book on C++ ( - Ivan is a KDE developer

- Bonus: Karlo - the KDE kat

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