Pre-Orders for the KDE Community edition are open! Get a glimpse of the future of free and open mobile phones, experiment with all the new features, and help us turn into a mature mobile OS.


@kde @PINE64 you said that you plan to help improve plasma-mobile on #PostmarketOS and #KDENeon, have you considered to help port plasma mobile on @mobian as well? That could be awesome!

@deedend Porting itself shouldn't need any help, it's just regular packaging as normal. Besides Debian probably already has the majority of KDE Plasma packaged, so it really just needs packaging of the mobile components, which there already is a repository for even.

@kde @PINE64 Yay finally! Pre-ordered one immediately 😊 then I am curious

@kde @PINE64 been waiting for a KDE edition to show my support for plasma mobile, ordered one.

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