KDE is 24 years old today! Share in the comments your favorite KDE memory, ye olde screenshots, photos from events, tell us about antique merch you have collected over time, or about anything else from your ❤️ story with KDE.

Find out more about the history of KDE, where we came from and where we are headed:

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I was there in 1999, KDE was my first contact with GNU/Linux on a 486 processor with 16 MB of RAM, and it was SO MUCH better than any other DE at this time (especially those proprietary unstable ones, remember ?), it was a total delight !
Then I was impressed by KDE 2, and in unconditional love with KDE 3, aka "The Perfection".
After that, the much expected KDE 4 was a rollercoaster experience, sadly… but that's another story that won't fit in 500 characters. ;)

My favorite story : the first internet connection.
At the time, providers were terrified about GNU/Linux, I was even told that « Linux can't work with our service » by the first french provider…
Anyway, with a serial 56K modem, the connection was that simple :
Plug the modem.
Launch kppp.
Dial the provider's number.
Enjoy the song of the dialer. ;)
It's done !
No drivers, no "Setup Wizard", just plug, dial and go !

@kde One of my first (boxed!) GNU/Linux distros proudly came with KDE 1.1. Not quite the oldest, but definitely one of the things that got me interested in the whole ecosystem, and a huge contributor to my eventual career in IT.

@kde Bonus - maybe a year later or so, tried the ill-fated Corel Linux out, too. Those printed manuals were awesome, at the very least! Plus WordPerfect, and of course, an 'Enhanced KDE Desktop'.

Congratulations and thank you! Since 1998 KDE has always been my favourite DE.

@kde A distro with KDE kept my old pentium III computer running for so many years!
It was in my first ever Linux system I used, I still was a child at that time.
My father used timed shutdown to prevent me from using it too much 🤣

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