: Drag text from apps to an empty space on your Plasma desktop to keep notes of all the important stuff.

NOTE: Results may not be what you want with non-KDE apps like LibreOffice and Telegram*. Firefox works, though💡!

*: Also try selecting text and middle-clicking in an empty area of your Plasma desktop. No need to drag and drop and works for Telegram and others💡💡💡!

@kde kate is still my editor of choice :blobcatuwu:
Didn't know that worked, but I also only seldom see my desktop at all
It's cool anyways!

@kde Now what I want to know is how to get those neat system gauges on the left

@Naughtylus @kde I was going to ask for the same thing. I've been looking for it but I haven't found anything.
I need those meters :awesome_rotate:

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