In the market for a new laptop? Nate Graham's candid review of the new KDE Slimbook covers its processing power, the build quality, keyboard, ports, and more.

@kde okay but woah that's a beautiful laptop, probably prettier than a Macbook even!


Looking rather cool. The keyboard (proper #UK layout! 💘) looks nice and efficient (I disagree with the reviewer's rant concerning #Fn keys, low contrast seems a plus too, for a touch typist).

And real #Ethernet + multiple #USB ports makes it really stand out.

Finally, I'm an #AMD sort of guy, so it feels made for me. I'll have to get one, happy as I am with my current workhorse. 👍


Question though: I see it ships with an #Ubuntu-based distro, but I suppose it should run just fine with a real operating system, such as @opensuse ?

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