The new KDE Slimbook is here. This AMD Ryzen 4800H machine is sleek, light and powerful. Create, edit and play on the beautiful screen and enjoy all the comforts and features of KDE's desktop and apps.

@ascclemens @kde you're being needy, I'm sitting here with one full HD screen and one smaller one..

@Craftplacer @kde I'm using a 4k touch screen, but having an *option* for 4k instead of 1080p would be nice. It's kind of hard to go back down once you've gone up!

@ascclemens @kde *cries in computer scrap parts and old Windows OEM machine*
@kde @ascclemens LOL for 14" or 15" and that price? Sure .. why not quantum computing power.


Is there a way to get this to or some other reputable
independent notebook reviewer? I'm really tempted by the specs and the price,
but I'm hesitant to buy something like this without review (not just hardware,
but build quality, input device quality, independently tested battery life

Also, showing up at a mainstream review site may improve sales.

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