KDE has migrated to GitLab! Most projects are now hosted on KDE's own GitLab instance located at

Read more about how it went and what it means for you at

Here's GitLab's blog post with more details on the move:

@kde Why over any other service? I'm personally looking for a new hosted git service since 's redesign and this is one that I've been considering amongst a few others, like .

@tidest @kde How about #codeberg? It's a german non-profit organization. That could make it preferrable over github/gitlab/sourcehut.

@t0k We didn't migrate to, but GitLab. So codeberg is not an alternative to that if we host the git server ourselves anyway.


A migration of this size is an impressive effort. Well done! And importantly: it shows that it can be done.

I like #GitLab for a few reasons:

* Good #CI/#CD capabilities
* Good integration with external tools/processes
* Solid, well funded team
* Very open culture
* Good principles/pragmatism balance
* Not (yet) a Silly Valley / #GAFAM victim

IMO this is a good fit. 👍

@kde Ugh, more good projects moving to an open-core product, running proprietary code of a VC-funded startup. Sad.

@nanananacuntboi @kde Not at this point, because at least you know who bought it and that they didn't buy it for nefarious reasons. You know how VC works, yes?

@nanananacuntboi @kde GitLab can (and will) literally sell to any bidder when their time is up within the next 5 years. Unless you think they can pull off a successful IPO (which is highly unrealistic). Then all that open-core proprietary code, that is not licensed under an open-source license, will be controlled by whoever buys it. You can only fork off half of the product.

@nanananacuntboi @kde ... and in the meantime support a startup's non-open-source product and business, instead of supporting (and helping to improve) real FOSS.

Even tho I appreciate your open thinking;

Change your POV.

@nanananacuntboi @kde There's nothing to change, unless you can cite a logical reason. My logic is sound, and wasn't refuted by anyone yet. Everyone is just about the feels with GitLab, because open core feels better than entirely proprietary. But open-source it is not.

@kde That's great!It's really important not to use Micro$oft Shithub nowadays and even more since they broke their website with this ugly new design.I hope many more projects will follow.

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