KDE Plasma 5.19 is out and it is sleeker and more polished than ever. Check out the new and beautiful photographic avatars, clean and consistent desktop components and widgets, and the easy-to-use System Settings and Discover software center.

This release seems promising. Just tried some precompiled version in arch and it's true and it's there - desktop rotates, touchscreen works great and i did not experienced any wierd issues at all.

That's one less blocker for me. Virtual keyboard does not seems to work well (i don't know how it works in final release), touchscreen gestures are must have (swipe to get keyboard and three finger "show windows" gesture are amazing in gnome). But these are minor thingies, almost there to get back to KDE for me.

Congrats to our friends from the @kde for another polished release. They set the bar very high !

@gnome @kde one thing I like in the open source ecosystem, is indeed sane competition. Keep up with the great work

@kde I'm not a KDE guy. I loved KDE 3 but ever since KDE 4, I thought it was ugly. Everything just felt a little bit "off" to me. Inconsistency, weird typography, bad margins/padding, etc.

This release seems to address many of those issues and looks like a massive step in the direction. Thank you and congratulations to everyone involved. I hope work of this kind continues.

Now please excuse me as I check my options on how to give this a whirl.

@KDE Updated yesterday, nothing to add - awesome as usual!
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