Great news: KMail finally gets approval to use Google Sign In. You can now access GMail with KDE's powerful email client again, while at the same time keeping your Google account password safe.

@kde why would anyone, especially people using KDE, want to use gmail ???

@clerian @kde work :) the gsuite thing is pretty common among business owners to create email accounts for their employees.

@vancha Is this really a thing? I've seen really a lot of businesses small and big over the last years and no business ever had gsuite... Don't get me wrong, office365 is definitely no better. The sad thing is that those proprietary systems are way to common.

@clerian we use it at work, but maybe it's not as common as i think. Troubleshooting some of the issues I've had with Gmail did reveal that it is used by a LOT of people still :)
Since we use google analytics and google ads anyway, I guess it made sense to them to let google handle the mails too. :(

@vancha @clerian @kde

I've tried and sadly it's required to be disconnected from Ethics to make it work.

@tagomago @clerian @kde if you want a more privacy respecting alternative I can recommend @Tutanota
Personally not a huge google fan.

@clerian @kde Because the service is good and updating what is basically your personal identification address across the Internet is a beastly work tbh.

Hurrah! My mom its going to be so happy she can get all of her email in one place again.
(And I'll be happy too)

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