: Upload images directly to the web by clicking "Share" (or "Export") ➡️ "Imgur" from inside KDE's image-managing programs (Spectacle screen capture, Dolphin file manager, Gwenview image viewer, digiKam image manager...).💡

@kde oooh, it's also got a NextCloud option, gonna have to figure out how to configure that

@lufthans @kde
You need to configure your account in System Settings > Online Accounts

@lufthans @kde
You also need the latest versions of some KDE stuff, I did some important fixes for it recently

@nicofee @lufthans @kde

From memory you have to set it up using the "ownCloud" option as, last time I checked, an option for Nextcloud didn't exist. Hopefully that's been rectified though. (Does anyone still use ownCloud?...)

@Blort @nicofee @lufthans There is an option for Nextcloud. It is very easy to configure.

@Blort @kde @nicofee ah, you mean in the settings, I don't even see an option for 'online accounts'

that's OK for me, I usually isolate such access anyway

@Blort @kde @nicofee KDE on Debian 10 (buster) has NextCloud for sharing

It also has proprietary micro-blogging, but not Mastodon or Pleroma :(

@Blort Nextcloud support was only added in the version 20.04 of the Online Account. I guess you are running 19.12 shipped with Kubuntu 20.04. (yeah I know the version number are confusing).

I've never configured this myself, but I know there's an "Online Accounts"-section in the System Settings where integrate a Nextcloud account. So, that might also set that Share-functionality up.

@kde three of the programs you listed have terribad memory leaks (multiple gigabytes after a day or so). maybe focus on fixing that, then we can get fancy

@r000t KDE is a volunteer-based community that is always looking for new contributors. Maybe you would like to help out?


Fucking fix them then you twat.

See? This telling other people what to do business works both ways. Get working.


@0 @kde
Then write the software in a language I know, you twat. Maybe try one that handles the memory for you?

Both ways, friend.

@r000t KDE's applications are largely developed by volunteers. It makes no sense to stop those volunteers from implementing features that they would like to see, just because there would also be bugs to fix. They will just not contribute, if you do that.

If you feel so strongly about those memory leaks, then, as they've already pointed out, nothing is stopping you from being the volunteer that fixes those bugs.

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