KDE and @gnome
are grassroots non-profit communities that work all year to improve everybody's life through Free Software. You too can help bring joy to millions by supporting us, joining our communities or just using our software and telling others about it.

son comunidades de base sin fines de lucro que trabajan todo el año para mejorar la vida de todos a través del .

Tu también puede ayudar a alegrar a millones de personas al apoyarnos, unirte a nuestras comunidades o simplemente usar nuestro software y contarles a otros sobre esto.

@kde @gnome

@kde @gnome

You're right! I'm pledging to the #Knome foundation immediately!

Seriously though, both projects rock, even moreso where they're working together. Really hoping that #Phosh and #PlasmaMobile apps will quickly get to the point where they work together as well as #KDE and #Gnome apps (or better!)

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