@gnome and KDE deepen their commitment to work together and unveil KNOME, a new desktop that brings users the best of both worlds:

@kde @gnome fascinating! Just tried it, much more than I expected, keep up your full commitment to the FLOSS world you wouldn't get from any other DE!

@kde @gnome quote:

"the RAM usage of KNOME was optimized and is now twice as high as the total of GNOME 3 and Plasma 5 desktops before the merge"

Uh… OK. If that means it makes twice as much use of the same amount of RAM, that's great. I just fear that's not what was meant…

@kde @gnome ...quite obviously an April 1st joke - but nice nevertheless :-)

@kde @gnome Not fooled, but nevertheless, very clever. On the website I loved how the download button would jump away if you hover over it.

@sphyphes @kde @gnome there is a major release per year, each first of April. Minor releases may happen in other dates, like carnival, or helloween.

@isi @gnome nooo! it's for realz! believe me! i have a hat

@kde @gnome I should install this. I've been using GNOME for a couple of years now

shitty meme 

@kde @gnome Not the right time for April 1st jokes. Try it next year again.

Love the reference to the win10 bluescreen.

Also, nice april fools joke :D

@kde @gnome

Finally!!! An operating system that makes full, 100% utilization of my RAM... Oh, hang on... that's #Windows 10.

guys if you go to the website and click the download link you get rickrolled

floss grievances 

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