Plasma's inbuilt apps and tools get showcased in Nayam Amarshe's video "This is Plasma". This video was a finalist in the Video Contest.


We have recently discovered that this entry was created using proprietary software. We are sad to say that this is against the rules of the competition, which means we have had to disqualify the entry and delete the video.

We talked to the creator and found that they made an honest mistake by unintentionally misinterpreting the rules. They are okay with the decision and are happy to continue contributing to KDE in the future.

@kde Disappointing but I'm glad people take this stuff seriously.


Thanks to all who take principled and logical stands during the creation and promotion of Free Software.

We who simply use and enjoy the software appreciate all the loving work which goes into it.

Plasma Rocks!


@kde Good decision, that deserves some respect.
I wish KDE (contributors) took this stance with Telegram as well. Lots of KDE projects and devs use it, but it's a proprietary and walled garden that shouldn't be used.

@bart @kde Telegram is open-source though, unless I'm misunderstanding something.

@jwkicklighter @bart @kde
Just the client iirc. Server side is centralized and proprietary

@professor_stoke @bart @kde I thought the code was public even though the server itself was centralized. But I haven't looked around for it either.

@jwkicklighter @kde Server isn't, which is the part I'm talking about. And it doesn't federate either, so no chance to implement your own server.

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