Plasma's wide variety of settings, add-ons and apps are on display in "This is Plasma", Jakub Profota's finalist entry in the Video Contest.

@kde This is a really good video!

(too bad #PeerTube can't play it without continuously buffering...)

@codewiz @kde Played flawlessly here (maybe more peers online now).

@tagomago @kde Perhaps you got some blocks from me, I left that tab open specifically to help seed...

@codewiz PeerTube uses a P2P system to not burden one single server. The video has to propagate before it plays smoothly. The more people who view it, the better it streams.

@kde the problem lies here less in the propagation than in the use of WebTorrent over HLS, the new recommended way for instance to stream videos. It is still a bit new so all instances have not activated it, but it should solve that problem in the long run.

@rigelk @kde @codewiz HLS is really awesome, I asked all my friends about their experience with our last videos and they had no issue of buffering 👌 :drake_like:

@snstp @rigelk @kde Isn't HLS supported only by Safari and mobile browsers?

@snstp @rigelk @kde By the way, 3 years ago I implemented HLS support for a video serving system 😁

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