Pre-orders are open for the @Kubuntu Focus, a high-end Plasma-powered laptop designed for work that requires intense GPU computing, fast NVMe storage and optimal cooling to unleash the CPU's maximum potential.

A complete KDE review coming soon!

@kde @Kubuntu Tengo la suerte de poder probar esta máquina. No es lo que diría económico, pero es un cohete. Vaya bestia.

@kde Phoronix's first impression was good, too :)

"Nice job to Mindshare Management, Tuxedo Computers, and The Kubuntu Council for having this feel like quite a polished device compared to what we have seen out of some Linux laptops in the past."

@kde @Kubuntu finally, an official Kubuntu laptop. I am waiting for years for this. I wish you all success & I love this. Awesome!

#kubuntulaptop #kde


Will it be available with an iso keyboard as well ?

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