will stop receiving updates next Tuesday, 14th of January. We want to help Windows users upgrade to something better. You can help too: Help upgrade to KDE's Plasma desktop.
users - The Movie:

@kde but can it play space cadet pinball????
@hj @kde *sips wine* ah, so that's how it is, huh..?

@kde Microsoft dejará de actualizar #Windows7 el martes que viene. KDE insta a los usuarios a actualizar a KDE #Plasma.

@Tinerion @kde i tried KDE but nowadays i m choosing cinnamon :)

For sure, but I was talking about your friend/family which use windows 7 and will maybe be lost if they try Linux :)

@kde Actually I tried KDE and liked it, but there were problems when installing KDE. Precisely when formatting a partition, an error code appears 😐

@kde imho a win7 theme just sets wrong expectations. It's not Windows, and users shouldn't believe it. More helpful would be a cheat sheet (or videos), doing $typicalWinThing in $kdeneonorso. Place it in the desktop.

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