KDE roadmap for 2020: Accessing remote filesystems, root privileges for Dolphin, auto-rotation for mobile devices and much more.


I see how that makes sense to help you see where you are exactly. 🤔


@kde Ooh I really love the new design you're going with! It's good competition for the GNOME desktop with the amazing performance you all were able to give us for the last few years. KDE and QT truly looks like the future for Linux!

KDE roadmap for 2020 --> GNOME
I'm happy with this, KIO being way more lacking than GVFS is one of the main reasons I'm still not considering KDE as a viable option as of now.

@hellozee Thank you very much, Nate also pointed this out to me.

As you may have noticed, I still have troubles handling Mastodon notifications... 😅

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