.@MinetestProject is a voxel-based sandbox game/educational and collaborative tool. Think Minecraft, but open source, faster, leaner, with better cross-platform support and fantastic plugin engine. Help Minetest at:

@kde I tried Minetest, I even modded some stuff for it, but I just don't think it's fun enough. Somehow it doesn't give me the same "click" as Minecraft does. MineClone2 (a Minecraft game in Minetest) seems nice and hopefully that'll scratch my Minecraft-itch eventually

@bart @kde I just find the physics of minetest irritating compared to Minecraft.

@bart @kde But Minetest goal is not being a Minecraft clone, thats why it doesn't feel the same. I really love the edu-power of Minetest and its mod API.

/cc @rubenwardy

@jsalvador @bart @kde Minetest is open and gives power back to the user. This is something that makes it very good for education, you don't need to worry about licensing fees and almost all of our community's content gives you the freedom to modify/redistribute/whatever however you want. That's something that other game really doesn't let you do

@rubenwardy @bart @kde Also there an awesome tech mod that could be used to teach electronics with a really small cost and safe.

@jsalvador @rubenwardy I mean, I know. Obviously it's not trying to be a Minecraft clone. But then again, I guess that is what bothers me. From a - doesn't care about FOSS - end-user perspective, Minetest just doesn't feel right.

Movement feels weird, menus are ugly, and you need mods to even get a playable game in the first place. Especially if you come from Minecraft but are interested in an open and FOSS alternative like Minetest, it's _really_ hard to get enough joy out of it.

@bart @jsalvador I always read "movement feels weird" as "it's not exactly the same as Minecraft". There are menu and GUI improvements coming, but we're limited by the shitty graphics engine we use which hasn't been updated since 2012

@bart @jsalvador also, needing mods is intentional, Minetest isn't primarily a game and the original intent was to keep the example game simple and a base

@rubenwardy @bart What exactly feels weird about movement? 🤔

The only thing I miss from other sandbox games are the shaders, but not so necessary thinking from the basegame perspective.

@jsalvador @rubenwardy I'm not entirely sure. I guess the walking speed is different (besides the lack of the ability to sprint), head/arm bobbing is less, jumping feels slow and acts differently when you're right next to a block. Swimming actually feels alright, although you go down way slower.

You should compare the two games side by side once, they really are different in some basic aspects like movement.

@rubenwardy @jsalvador I understand, but it does leave a bad impression on people expecting a proper game which I think is the majority of people.

Some way to download games/mods in the application itself would already help here, with a first-run prompt "this game needs mods to run, please download some from here".

@bart @jsalvador Minetest is a game engine, and my main menu redesigns aim to highlight that with more prominent game-specific menus and a list of downloadable games as the first thing you see

@rubenwardy @jsalvador I understand that you'd think that. Tbh, it might be true, it's what most people are used too and having a different game that looks the same feel different is weird. Still, imo it's something worth thinking about, as Minecraft has _a lot_ of users and you'll often have people from there looking to Minetest.

About the graphics engine, are there plans to move to a different engine? Obviously a lot of work but still, Godot would be nice 😜

@bart @jsalvador Godot is a complete game engine, and would require a rewrite of the code

@kde Thanks KDE!

We make modding super easy and give control back to the user. Our default game is intentionally bare to encourage modding

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