With Kontact you can manage POP, IMAP... AND all the information in your online email accounts (like GMail). You can centralize everything in one powerful application because Kontact supports it all: email, contact information, calendars, tasks, and more.

Sadly #Akonadi is still broken by design. 🙁

Every time when i wanted to try KDE PIM programs again, akonadi made trouble. And I see, that I am not the only one.
I would wish, that the programs would just implement their protocols again without an abstraction layer, that comes with its own problems.

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And from the tech perspective it seems to me, when trying to fix the problem with akondi console, that it probably is a security (data loss) and privacy nightmare as well.

It stores personal data in a database most users do not know about, what may cause privacy problems.
And I have the impression, that problems with akonadi could cause corrupt data to be synced back on the server, like accidentally deleting calendar entries when trying to reset the caldav sync.

The last part is rather an impression, because I do not really know the interna.

Do not misunderstand me, I am a KDE user myself and I really like many things in KDE. But akonadi and nepomuk never worked as they should on my systems.

@allo Ok, I see. Do you know what the solution will be like under Plasma Mobile? You won't run a mysql db there I think.

@letterus I do not know, but maybe it still uses mysql. As far as I know, the sqlite backend is considered instable and you should not use it.

@allo has put it nicely. Basically it was an overly ambitious concept without the manpower to pull it through.

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Thank you very much! What about the folks from Kolab? They use Kontact in production, don't they? Or are they maintaining an older fork without akonadi?

#Akonadi has been there for decades so it must be a very old version indeed.

In fact, I also do use #Kontact on my company laptop, just not for email and I always have my phone + web access as a backup for #calendar and whatnot.

On my #Tumbleweed “canary” computer Akonadi is currently refusing to start, even with a new profile.

@allo @kde

@KDE Use it every day, it's awesome! In fact, it's the only app that keeps me away from using plasma on wayland, so, I'm really looking formward for KMail and Kontact to get better wayland support

@kde I really wanted to like it badly. I even thought it had the best UI out of Kontact, Thunderbird and Evolution. Much to like... But it's just so flaky.


I've tried Kmail a few weeks ago, but I couldn't set up Gmail.

Is this fixed? Thank you very much!! 😁😁



I've been using Kmail for ever and this also affects me (and my parents, whose computer i maintain)

@balcuta @kde
Still not there yet, but it seems like that is more googles fault

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