@Thibaut @kde @PINE64
Dev kits are the only avaliable pieces of hardware as of now iirc. You can probably check on pine's homepage though

@neke @Thibaut @kde I don't have precise dimensions on hand, but the screen is 5.95" (151mm) diagonal.

@PINE64 Sorry to butt in but would it be feasible to offer smaller screen sizes in future?

@neke @Thibaut @kde
@Thibaut With my Mi5S on the brink of going unsupported by LineageOS thanks to a DMCA takedown, I'm at the point where it would be nice to be able to replace it. 5" would be perfect.

@PINE64 @kde @neke

@thatbrickster @Thibaut @kde @neke

With the current design, a smaller device is not really possible. the LTE module we are using at this time is quite large. Future versions of the PinePhone with different hardware may be available in smaller sizes.

@kde @PINE64 I'll wait for the first reviews of the thermal dissipation of the A64 on this smartphone before making the jump.

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