Applications 19.08 brings extended annotation features to Okular, KDE's document viewer.

@kde Nice to see Okular acquiring new editing capabilities, but the UI seems painfully slow to use, with nested configuration dialogs and having to re-select the tool after every operation. I would recommend looking at Krita for inspiration.

#Dolphin is #KDE's file and folder explorer which you can now launch from anywhere using the new global Meta + E shortcut”

I'm going to claim #© on that—I've had it that way for years (along with Meta+ T for terminal, Meta+F for #Firefox, and Meta+(Shift+)O to go online (offline) in #Kopete (yes, I still use it, though @kaidan looks promising 👍).

“The most noticeable change in #Konsole, #KDE's terminal emulator application, is the boost to the tiling feature. You can now split the main pane any which way you want, both vertically and horizontally. The subpanes can then be split again however you want.”

I really like that. Let us not forget that the great improvement #GUIs brought us is that we can now work on *dozens* of terminals at the same time. 😊

@0 @kde We've had GNU screen since 1987. We've had tmux since 2007. Neither of these are bound to a GUI.
@0 @kde Sarcasm doesn't translate well over the Internet.


Yeah, I've always said the internet is broken.

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