We are looking for new big ideas. Submit your proposal for what our community should focus on next and set KDE's goals for the coming years.

@kde I just drafted this goal proposal:

It's about improving the user experience for setting up input methods, a longstanding pain point for me.

@kde I am not a KDE contributor (and not sure I would have time to commit in the near future) but throwing this out here in the hope that others might get inspired.

Description: Make KDE the first machine learning powered desktop

Purpose: Help users manage information overload in a private, self-sovereign way

What it entails: Generating a uniform API for KDE applications to interact with a locally running machine learning server that helps identify patterns in both external and user data

@digital2analog @kde Unless this has been improved in 5.16, which I have not tried yet: The touchpad settings need improvement (at least on X11): Multiple finger gestures, using libinput, natural scrolling option etc. Plasma is lacking behind Gnome here and should be modernized IMHO.

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