The KDE Community welcomes our Google Summer of Code students for 2019! These students will be working with our development teams throughout the summer, adding features, squashing bugs and porting apps to new platforms.

@KDE What's the phone on the picture? I wish to have plasma mobile, what's my best option of phone?

@blue @kde the Nexus 5 is a good option for now.

@purism ‘s Librem 5 and @PINE64 ‘s Pinephone are two Plasma Mobile friendly projects which are not yet in production. They should be released by the end of the year IIRC

@thibaultamartin @blue @kde Yep, #pinephone should be ready and on-sale by year-end. We'll have production prototypes in testing in the next month or two.


@blue @kde @purism @PINE64

I own a nexus 5 (hammerhead), what's the preferred way of running plasma mobile? Using postmarketos, or using halium?

Ton of great work ahead, I'm looking forward to see it in my Plasma distro of choice.
Truth to be told, personally I don't find porting KDEconnect to Windows and MacOS 'exciting' as I moved away from windows for a reason. But the rest of the 'list' - especially data sync in Falkon (add password manager and no script, and i'm totally switching full time to it. Ok Dark theme to bring full joy.)

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