The KDE family grows: Kaidan, the Kirigami-based Jabber chat client joins the Community:

@kde Like with most Kirigami apps, the spacings feel all wrong :(

@kde That site claims that #Kaidan features privacy, but as far as I can see, it does not implement end-to-end encryption via #OMEMO:

Is this on the roadmap?


@chpietsch OMEMO is definitely one of the (or even the) next big feature that will be implemented.
The blog post says we aim to feature privacy on purpose, and we have to admit that we have not yet finished reaching that aim. Currently the privacy improvement (in comparison to Telegram) is the ability to choose a server to trust on your own or to even host one yourself. Of course you also always have TLS encryption to the server, which is comparable to Telegram's default chats.

@kaidan did you count how how many times you have been asked this question already? 😄

@Muto I think I only answered this three times so far :)

@ilya_b @kde I always hope tof ind the time to look into Telepathy, but also always fail to do so :(

@kde Is there any good guide to learn Jabber/XMPP for new users?
If it's too complicated for non geeks it's very hard to tell your friends to switch to a new piece of software.

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