The new version of KDE's browser integration extension lets you play, pause and control video and audio playing in your web browser from your Plasma desktop, be it a kitten video on YouTube, a nature program on Netflix, or an art-house movie on Vimeo.

This also means it is integrated with your phone through KDE Connect. Check it out: if your phone rings, your YouTube video pauses while you take the call!

For Firefox:

You can find browser tabs in KRunner, Plasma's document finder/app runner; send links from your browser to your phone with KDE Connect and control downloads started in your browser from your desktop.

For Chrome, Chromium, Vivaldi, etc.:

@kde given there is #GSConnect for GNOME, is there something similar for @gnome ?

The Firefox add-on can AFAIK only send tabs and so on, but cannot pause videos or so…

Cant KDEConnect be used with gnome as well? I think I read about it somewhere.

Edit: Oh yes, its GSConnect hehe
@kde @gnome

@jr well yeah, that's all I need, I guess 😃

@rugk I installed it a few minutes ago... that's so awsome... I missed this feature, thank you @kde

Cool! Maybe using as part of the example wouldve been better though 🤔

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