In , Okular gets support to show and verify digital signatures on PDFs. This feature is essential to use KDE's document viewer for business or if you need to exchange documents in any official capacity... like when negotiating international peace treaties.

@kde а чо бы и на пиртьюб на русском не загрузить? Что мы, крайние или рыжие что должны ментовскую стенгазету юзать?

This just reminds me how much Okular (actually all of KDE) needs an UI overhaul. The window layout, big blue info/warning messages at the top, icons etc. look confusing and clunky.


It looks neither confusing nor clunky to me. On the contrary, it's fast, clean and reliable.

But if you disagree, what have you done about it? Have you sponsored development of your suggested improvements? Have you even filed a reasoned bug report? Having a random drive-by whinge on a random site doesn't help or count.



Another useless imbecile that gets blocked. 🙄

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