The @blender community have done it again! Behold Spring, Blender's new film. Beautiful designs and fantastic effects show how you can create professional, Hollywood-grade CGI using Free Software. Congrats Blender!

If you are getting a Pepper and Carrot vibe, it is no coincidence: @davidrevoy, creator of P&C, used @krita to design the look of the film:

@kde @blender @davidrevoy @krita Did you ever find out what happened to their peertube instance?

@GenTollis @kde @blender @davidrevoy @krita I tested the day before yesterday and it looked normal. I even followed them here over ActivityPub (@blender). But since yesterday it's 404. Coincidentally… yesterday was the 4.04 day, 😥

@RoboePi @GenTollis @kde @blender @davidrevoy @krita Until it's back on track, I had imported it on my peertube instance:
But I'm really curious to know whether there is a link between "Spring" availabilty and the instance being down...

@kde @blender @davidrevoy @krita bravo David et toute l'équipe. Et vive le logiciel libre !

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