Falkon, KDE's modern web browser, has reached version 3.1! You can now write and run plugins in QML, enjoy better and more stable support for Python plugins and improved integration with KDE's Plasma desktop.

@kde How have i never heard of this?
It came up clean. Not prefilled with bookmarks I didn't ask for. No ads. has an adblocker by default and defaults to ddg for SE. Not asking me to 'share' telemetry. Ima play around with it!


You may have heard of it.

It got a name change from "Qupzilla" to "Falkon" after it became an official KDE project!

@MutoShack No, that's not ringing any bells either. I'm just getting old I guess.
Which, you know, beats the alternative! :-)


That's fair. It was never extremely popular, either (even by Free Software standards), so that may be a contributing factor.

I personally was never a fan of Qupzilla, but Falkon is really nice! It may just be the good marketing that's changing my mind, or it could really be better. It always takes me a while to tell 😅

@MutoShack Back in the day i used konqueror, which was nice, because my web browser was also my gui file manager. It had a nice feature for splitting the screen as well as tabs.
Sadly, it fell behind and I adopted FF - which wasn't evil yet back then.

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