This is the last chance to change the course of the approval of Articles 11 and 13 in the new EU copyright directive.

These articles will impose restrictions that will have dampening effect on the free flow of information on the Internet, hindering the environment that helped give rise to all Free Software, including KDE.

Although the new directive contains provisions that protect Free Software projects (like KDE) and non-profits (like Wikipedia), this is far from future-proof.

The rise of movements we can only imagine now, but that could be similarly beneficial to that of Free Software, will be impeded by an Internet restricted by articles 11 and 13. It would be far better if articles 11 and 13 simply did not happen.

You can help stop this by getting in touch with your representative in the EU parliament. Find out how you can do this here:

@kde article 11 and 13 have been long purchased, bought and paid for by the EU commission. a french exit will be the nail in the coffin.
@jeff imagine being powered whatsoever with what the copyright mafia already decided.
If only people could ignore laws..
Sneakernet libre meetups when?
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