@igeljaeger @kde I had the same feeling when I tried it, it just kept freezing and I had to reboot the machine everytime :cry_konata:

@igeljaeger @kde Oh btw, I did not talk about 5.12.8, but an older version of KDE, the latest in 2017 August or so.

@biosmarcel @kde I had similar problems with KDE in 2018. I changed distros in that year and had the same KDE problems, then switched to xfce

I went from KDE to Budgie, which was also buggy and am now on i3. I don't know, but all Linux desktops I tried, had some bigger flaw (Either bug(s) or something I personally disliked). I don't like Gnome either. Nor do I like other OSes desktops btw (windows and macos).

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