@kde the visual and perfomance improvement of KDE is awesome, to be honest

@kde Looks like you just applied a theme lul. But good none the less

@kde I feel old now… So much has improved in 10 years!

These nostalgic memories ... I'm not crying you're crying ...

@kde who ever thought those gradient color schemes were a good idea 🤮
Man early 2000 were weird.

I wonder will we think the same of flat styles in 10 years?

@Wraptile @kde There's a natural oscillation of everything in the universe. :blobpats: That said, I prefer a (very) subtle gradient right at 2 edges of each element. It makes things easier to resolve.

@kde I'm probably the wrong audience because I opened up the 2009 one without realizing it's the 'before' image and went "oh hey that looks a lot better!" followed by "oh." :blobowo:

@kde Why'd y'all get rid of that carbon fiber wall clock? That boy was lightweight, laterally stiff and vertically compliant!

@kde maybe it's just nostalgia talking, but i like the glassy look on the left more. that being said, they're both really cool, good work ^^
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