What are your KDE-related wishes for 2019? Tell us in the comments!

@kde a bugfix for the copy paste Problem on Debian with KDE would be very nice.

Vor if it is not a bug then a tutorial how to fix it..

@nuron @kde You mean the following behaviour?

1. Copy something to clipboard from application X.
2. Close X.
3. Try to paste the clipboards contents to application Y.
4. Nothing get copied, the clipboard is empty.

It is annoyong, in my humble opinion.

@killerdicke well. In my case there is a 'Private' printed instead of the text I would like to copy... @kde

@kde fix the recurrent bugs in kmail & akonadi which force you to delete the local folders. More effects for kwin (snow, rain, fire...)

@kde I wish to have more than von clipboard, each with a white and black list both for copy and paste to limit access from different applications. For example for easy and secure transfer of passwords or other information with privacy needs.

@kde @killerdicke It should be compatible with applications which are not designed to run in a KDE enviroment.

For a successful mobile implementation for the Librem 5 phone and any other phone in the future.

@kde I’d like to have more polish. There’s already been a lot of improvements on this side this year, but it’s still lacking on some areas, e.g. file transfers or shortcuts management.

For the wired Ethernet interface to not disappear when returning from suspend.

That my only major quark, otherwise keep on doing what you're doing.

@kde Mainly that more work is done on making the entire KDE stack accessible to the orca screen reader, from plasma to all the KDE applications.

As a sidenote, I'd also like orca to gain touchscreen support, which could also allow it to be used with plasma mobile and any other FLOS mobile projects who wish to make their project accessible to us blind and visually impaired users.

@kde fixing bugs in file transfer infastructure. Maybe would help if file transfers had an optional checksum to verify transfers.

@kde With Wayland and PlasmaMobile getting into shape already, I guess could only ask for a better integration of semantic (baloo) querying tools & examples.

Firstly: How could I query for untagged folders in a specific location, 1 or 2 levels deep?
Secondly: I would like to understand Semantik ( better and use it to interact with semantic file attributes, if possible.

@bogdanbiv Semantik is not really for that. It is a mind-mapper, a way for putting your ideas into order in graphical way.

@kde An integrated on-screen keyboard like the one on Gnome

@kde Okay, never mind; I just found the "Virtual Keyboard", and it works fine.

@kde The only thing keeping me away from Wayland at this point is lack of KDE global menu support so it would be great to see that working in 2019.

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