Applications 18.12 is out. Now you can annotate PDFs with a "typewriter" tool in Okular, see previews of ODF documents in Dolphin, and show emojis in Konsole. Apps 18.12 with many more features and improvements will be landing in your distro soon.

Thanks for good work - I use all the KDE-tools every day…


I've had odf previews in dolphin for a decade or so, and emojis in #Konsole ever since my distro's fonts started packing them. 🤔

The typewriter tool sounds interesting.

What I would *really* love to see in #Okukar is #PDF signature checking (and perhaps, one day, signing).

Personally, I detach-sign PDFs because they do not support #GPG signatures and we don't use #X509, but clients and the administration do.

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