Black Friday deals on ALL KDE SOFTWARE! 100% OFF! (also tomorrow, and the day after that, and the next day, and the next one after that too, and ...)

@kde Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Though I get your point, I dislike the message, talking about "software libre" and "free-as-in-free-beer". 😉

@arkedos Yes, but I'm pretty much afraid of that. Focussing on free-of-charge is what provided us with ads, trackers and all this... 😣

@linux_spain No problem ... 😉 Just a bit annoyed by this whole #blackfriday crap and its broken priorities ...
@arkedos @kde

@kde dang, gotta get that screen layout switcher before it's too late!!

@kde I would say ITS FREE but we take donations to cover costs not for profit :D

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