@kde deprecating KDE? LOL, as if Gnome was ready for the desktop ;-)

@kde it doesn't really go into IBM buying reggae at all. It's more about RedHat's support of kde.

"Plasma 5 is now lightweight and feature full." Cant agree more. Everyone saying it's so resource intensive, when i find it not to be hehe.

@kde @jriddell "Our software leads the field in many areas such as video editor Kdenlive, or painting app Krita"
Unlike Kdenlive, Krita is not tied to KDE anymore. It officially distributes as an AppImage bundle and it's fully usable configurable outside KDE. And RHEL/CentOS users can still use Krita as usual.

@rk @jriddell You mean "Krita is not tied to *Plasma* anymore". @krita is a very much a proud member of the KDE community.

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